Saturday, December 06, 2008

Jess Gotta Start Living in The Moment

It's a weird sensation really.
Like a spell.
When you starting thinking,
you can't stop.
You keep ruminating,
your mind wander endlessly.
You know very well you are only going in circles,
but you it continues because you can't find the way out.

I laughed! I laughed til' I cried!
I can't quite remember the last time it happened but I guess it has to be on a stupid story about Tracey or Amelia. Only their dumbness can amuse me.

Amelia : Loke, what is tak-halal? Can we eat that?

And guess what was I doing that I laughed so hard?? Playing some old kiddish game on the PlayStation with dummy Shiny, MingSze and dumbdumb Tracey! Perhaps we can only be truly happy when we ignite the child-like happiness in each of us. That explains why children and old people are so happy (not just because they get 50% discount for everything).

I start to reminisce that 8 years ago, Shiny and I were doing the same thing (same game) and laughed just as hard til' our tummies ache then proceed to roll around on the floor. Er.... Does it means we still haven't mature a single bit since 12?

Shiny, I have an idea.
Put Trac and Amelia to play together, that's even more funny although we might have to wait til' sunset + sunrise until someone actually wins.

I noticed that my posts are getting shorter and shorter.
Oh well.
Back to my fattening holiday plans (:

Just to humor you here is AmeliaChanJiatHee sleeping.

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