Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jess Zooming into 2009 Butt Naked!

Kinda like how Tom Cruise slid into a particular underwear dancing scene from Risky Business!
But in Jess' sense of wisdomness it is more like jumping into the NewYear shedding old skin/self, discarding old beliefs, embracing change/Barack Obama...

No spammers please - I don't need Viagra nor sexmates nor cyberlivesex nor bigfathardons you bigfatdesperados.

It wasn't a pretty start actually.
I was 30 minutes late for my first class yet still not late enough to miss crucial information like how my 62 year-old lecturer has a billionaire son and 73 ex-girlfriends.

That day on Sam's blog I was reminded of the awesome 90s by Paul Oakenfold's Starry Eyed Sunshine - how happy and pop-like our culture was; no Iraq war (actually got gulf war), no financial crisis (actually got Asia 1997 crisis), no Malaysia-political crisis (Anwar's thingy), no rape/robbery on Star everyday (maybe once a month only), no Bush (okaylah, briefly early 90s then later got Monica Lewinsky hehe); how I was this restless, hyperactive child allowed to play at the padang whenever I want without fear of either being flashed at or abducted (only this one is true).

I was also reminded of LEN's Steal My Sunshine...

Steal My Sunshine - Len

It was one of my favorite song besides LFO's (what happened to these guys?) Summer Girls and Britney Spears' Lucky (yes i still like Britney so what).

summer girls - lfo

*flashback year 1998*

The weird-looking, basketball loving girl I was got the 3rd place in class! (By coincidentally memorizing the right essay for exam.) It was the first and only time it happened in the history of Jess-the-Great and I was so happy! My parents was so happy too, everybody was happy and there was world peace. that they got me my very first radio.

At that time where got such thing as Ipod or Mp3/4/5 or facebook...

I remember I instantaneously fell in love with my radio and with music. It is on all the time, even at sleep; my parents had slight regrets of buying it for me. I would sing and dance and perform for an invisible audience, have singing competitions with Ben and Jo (which I as the judge always pronounce me as the winner), hug my radio to sleep (seriously, not joking) and sing myself to sleep (even more serious, til' now I still do it).

Standing in the year that I'm turning 21, I feel that I want to relive all that; I want to feel more of life. I want to run with all my might, exhausted yet exhilarated because I know I'm running passionately for a purpose.

2008 - My goal was to age myself.

2009 - My goal is to abandon all I've been programed to believe in.

1. I shall sing and dance my heart out whenever possible.
2. I shall crush all my antisocial excuses and eat, laugh, play, reply messages.
3. I shall finish a book every fortnight and constantly challenge my thoughts and beliefs.
4. I shall clean Betty (my Wira, my hero wtf) more often and drive more carefully - max 80 km/h.
5. I shall stand up for myself - listen to myself more, listen to others less. (Too many cooks spoil the soup -I'm the soup here)
6. I shall facebook less more. Let's not be too optimistic.

Here I go!
All the best Jessica Loke!


Anonymous said...

Amen to no. 1! :)

jessieloi said...

1. I will sing and dance along with you!
2. Make sure ah! if i call you out, you must come!
3. -skip- no need of a comment cause good for yoU!
4. GOod for Betty!
5. Yes, you should! but please always listen to me, cause you know i know i am the more rational jess.
6. Facebook is a way of life! never abandon it!


Simply Jess said...

I still haven't meet up with chuuuuuuuu!

cheh, you more rational but i'm more spontaneous and fun okay.