Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Ephemeral Friendships and Conversations

Judging by the title you get a sense that something boring, philosophical and filled with Jess wissiness (pronounced why-zee-ness) is what's gonna happen next.



Today - 20th January 2009 - would be a day etched in every American's life.

But I'm not gonna talk about that lah.

Still bitter over Hillary Clinton's lost...

For a long time I haven't had a real conversation. You know, like a conversation when what you say actually comes out of your brain after some sort of processing. Until today, when I got duped into going to Pyramid.

My friends wanted to go to KFC for lunch; if you're like me, your first thought would be KFC SS15. However the AUP people in Inti has this weird habit of eating in Pyramid. Yes, just go there and eat then go back home. Normally Jess-the-Antisocial won't go right, BUT, recalling my new year resolution I decided to tag along.

And I was blessed, really, in having an actual conversation with this friendly AUP girl from college. She has the rare kind of charm that makes you feel at ease with sharing; she was a skilled listener, something I'm still trying to pick up. We talked about religions, beliefs and experience of transition we're in right now over KFC (in pyramid). Throughout the conversation, I get a feeling that I'm really connecting with somebody on a more 'soulful' level. It was then I was reminded again why I used to love talking to people, the exchange of ideas, discovery of new things. Used to because I enjoyed talking to people until I stumbled upon SOME amongst us who are incredibly superficial.

I'm too hurt to love again. wtf

I've never blogged that I'm currently enrolled in Inti College AUP (American University Program) because I was still trying to apply as a freshman and if I've enrolled in any institutions I would be disqualified. Some colleges actually google students applying for admission. But I've made a decision to leave as a transfer; that will be somewhere in Spring 2010 so YEAH you will still be seeing ALOT of me!

We AUP are a strange bunch of people. I think many of us are looking for a meaningful connection, looking for inspiration in the all liberal great American education. Some of us struggle to form bonds with one another only to find that many of these bonds will not live pass the fleeting 2 years we remain here. Like what my lecturer say "These credits are not transferable." (inside joke lar, just laugh okay) However within this 2 years, it remains our duty to form these bonds, continue to learn,inspire and encourage one another (especially with the bleak American future now).

Sebagai kesimpulan, Jessica is fiercely trying to humble herself this coming year while attempting meaningful conversation with anybody she meets *adds to list of resolutions*

Okay, you can go do other crappy things on facebook now you internet addicts.

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