Monday, February 02, 2009

Work that Paris! (that was sewwwwww last centurayyyyy)

So you know 'The Paris Hilton Pose' right?
(This is for my sad friends who don't)

Jess watches wayyyyy too much E!

Even a small girl also knows...tsk tsk tsk

Basically it's also known as the "over your shoulders look" and was popularized by none other than Paris Hilton.

Paris : "That's hot"

You usually need to rest either one or both of your hands on your hips, look over your shoulders and give a "that's hot" look to the camera.


Males and females alike can do it. Don't worry, both genders alike give the same bimbo effect.

For Paris I think it's kinda like "Hey hottie I have not forgotten about your camera at the back, gotcha!"

But this pose is sewwwww last year.

I totally forgotten about it until Wood decided to try it herself.

Have a great Sabah-ing time Woody!
This is my gift for you! (:

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