Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Know You're In Trouble When...

You take 15 minutes to find the glasses sitting right in front of you...
It always happen to me, especially when I'm late.

I basically have to go around my room like a blind woman touching every corner of my bed and every inch of my table hoping to be able to find it...

You ALSO know you're in trouble when -

10 different people have told you that your artwork looks like *insert the most creatively disgusting adjective you know* when you are having Art Appreciation class and your A depends on that artwork.


Why does Art Appreciation requires us to draw??!?!

Upon seeing artwork, my friend -

"*gasp loudly!* Jessica, *pats my shoulder* luckily your major is psychology not art."

Now at 1am, I'm still coloring my ugly painting hoping A in effort can make up for F in my whatever non-existence painting artsy skills. I have been coloring since 8pm. The painting has not change much except from fugly to 'AHHHHHHHHHH-MY-EYESSSSS fugly."

Why is God like that.
My Paps is a pretty good artist what.
How come I inherited none of those artsy genes?!

Doing this I suddenly recall that ALL my previous art and craft work in primary school has been done by Paps and Mummy. That 'menganyam' thing that looks so nice; yes, they took one whole night to finish it. That beautiful paining of the paddy field; Paps did it over the weekend. He enjoys painting and I enjoy eating junk food and watching television. See? Win-win situation!

For now I can only pray that Paps come back home earlier to finish my next artwork before I ruin it beyond salvage...


Why can't pigs fly??????????

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