Friday, April 03, 2009

Jess' Project Journey...

This is an extremely touching story,
unfortunately I've forgotten most of it.

It was Wednesday - 1st April 2009.

I was sitting in the CAE (Centre of American Education / AUP student hangout) frantically typing my psychology project paper. Wait. Not typing lah. Frantically THINKING on what to type about.

I have not bath in 36 hours.
I have not ate in more than 24 hours.
I have not wash my hair in more than.....*calculating......give up* 4 days lah.

My project was due the next day.
I had a quiz on the the next day.
I have the impromptu speech exam the next day.

And there I was in the CAE, still dressed in yesterday's presentation formal clothes but at least changed into a t-shirt I found on the floor (treated somewhat like a floor mat). Can't blame me lar okay, I woke up late that morning and had to run to my car to get to school to beat traffic. Traffic still beat me that day and I was stuck in my car smelling like crap for 1hour.

So sad lar my life.
I've been sleeping in my car for at least 1 hour everyday upon reaching school.
It's REAL DEEP SLEEP, don't even have dreams.

Luckily I still wake up in time for my class...
Hopefully nobody will break up car window someday and shout -

Then suddenly I heard somebody AIYERRR damn loud behind me which woke me from my DEEP THOUGHTS. And it happens to be Auntie Dino who is the director of CAE and happens to be my Psychology lecturer and also happens to be one of the weirdest woman you'll ever meet in life. They name her Auntie Dino because she is so technology-impaired.

Dino: Jessica! Go home!

Me: You know it's your paper that left me in this pathetic state right?

Dino: Quickly go home! I'm afraid that fungus will start growing on you!

*she happens to know I haven't bath from the 8am class I had to rush to*

Me: I'm so touched, thanks for your concern.

*and i remain there for another 30mins*

Dino: OHMYGOSH! You're still here! I need some air-freshener in here!

I was so tired.
I can't do any work.

So even when I have a quiz, an impromptu speech exam and a term paper project due the next day, I went for a movie. And picked whatever movie that fit into my schedule. This is the single bravest thing I've ever done for the past few months. And the lucky movie happened to be New In Town starring Renee Zellweger. I mean, how bad can it be with Renee in it right?

It was average, predicatable and that is probably why we haven't heard of it til' now. The only part I laughed was -

Random woman: May I ask you a personal question?

Renee: Wasn't that what you've been doing all along?

Random woman: I want to ask you, have you found Jesus?

Renee: *pause* I didn't know he was missing!

*both woman laugh laugh laugh*

Random woman: *stopped laughing abruptly*
I'm sorry we don't joke about Jesus here.
But it's quite funny, imagine, Jesus missing.....

Aiyah this whole post so boring.
I memang no mood today.

Just now I wanted to eat char kueh teow to reward myself for finally finishing my project today. Then, I went to 2 coffee shops also both char kueh teow stall closed. What is this?! Char kueh teow man strike???

At the end I have to eat mee goreng alone at some random mamak.
Why life so sad.
Faster make me smile now.

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