Saturday, May 09, 2009

Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make

I will be watching you...................
heh heh heh *rubs hands*

Am I the only one who finds this song stalker-ish?

Every time Mummy Loke leaves us home alone,

Jo will break something.

Like today, when she wants to make instant noodles for herself, she didn't know which way to turn the switch to turn on the stove (how stupid can a person be???!). Thus, she BROKE the knob thingy, AGAIN. (The other one she broke few months ago) And because she was so afraid that Mummy Loke will come back and break her the same way, she attempted to glue the knob back, WITH LIQUID PAPER BECAUSE SHE CAN'T FIND GLUE IN THE HOUSE.

Jo's reasoning:
When liquid paper dries up it becomes hard like cement right? For sure can one!

By the way, Jo is budding lawyer.

After the liquid paper 'dried up', she decided to place it back on the stove and attempted to switch on the stove a second time. Obviously the liquid paper didn't work, and instead of the initial 2 pieces the knob was broken into, it became 4 pieces.

This is a good example of - Tikus membaiki labu - kanak kanak sekalian.

The last few times Jo was left alone she broke the tap in the kitchen. I forgot what I said to her that made her so angry she needed to show her angry by slamming the tap shut. And because she is so strong (she broke the stove knob with only ONE twist) the steel tap broke. Because it was only the first day Mummy Loke left us, the broken tap was left running for 3 days. Jo was adamant and all about 'saving the world!' thus she INSISTED on saving the water with as many buckets she could find in the house. Then, there were so many buckets filled with water in the kitchen that she tripped over one of it, tipped over one of the bucket and flooded our kitchen T.T

Why is my sister like that... T.T

Another time, she broke the flush! THE FRIGGIN FLUSH HANDLE THINGY ON THE TOILET. For the rest of the week, Jo didn't bother flushing the toilet.


Week1 of my 3rd Semester is done with! Only...........14 more to go!
This sem is going to be good!
I have a great feeling about it!

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