Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jess Back to School!

Back to waking up 6am to beat the traffic.
Back to eating crappy AsiaCafe or cafeteria food or McD (but no more double cheeseburger for 5.95 =( )
Back to a life where baths and showers don't exist.

Eh guys,
last one joke only lar...

Don't lar first thing you see me is ask me whether I've bath or not...
Embarrassing lor...
People beside pinch their nose and quicken their steps you know!

Actually this hols I damn emo lar. All my fellow kawans are still taking their finals; until now that I'm done with my holidays and starting school, they are STILL taking their finals. So besides facebooking, playing friends for sale, reading and catching up on OTH and Gossip Girl, I really don't have much else to do.

Mummy..... I'm lonely! All my friends still having exam! Ben and Jo are not home! I got nobody to play with! I want a baby brother!

Mummy Loke:
PLAY PLAY PLAY, PLAY YOUR HEAD! How old are you already?!?!

I am!
Forever younggggggggggggggggggggggg!

Then when you have nothing else to do at home, you'll make space for emo. Naturally, emo will self-invite itself into your life when you're bored. Then when you're emo more unhappiness will enter and you become even more emo. Then, the emoness will make you want to do nothing else but just be emo. Thus, even more space is made for emo. Emo then gleefully fill every inch of that vacant space. In the end, nothing will be left but emo!

So I go back to school, with a smile on my face. Truth is I do enjoy my classes and work hard for my grades. I love talking to my friends and writting those academic papers. The satisfaction from school pushes emo out of the picture and once again I go to bed every night with a genuine smile on my face. Even if it's 2 in the morning and having to wake up again at 6.

Take my worries and sorrows.
Plant in me new seeds of joy.
For You alone are good.
And I'll always run after You.

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