Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live Your Life!

love, laugh, leap!

So this is what Shiny replied -

"Oh ya. i read your post bout FOO SHIN YEEN! sakai la u. What is going in your mind huh? trying to make me emo is it. ISH! EVIL.... yes, stop reminding me why are u still here in Malaysia. But i guess, before long i might change my ques to U REALLY GOING TO LEAVE MALAYSIA? .................. arrgh! i dun want to talk so much here la. We don't need all this soft-talking-sweet-writing thingy right? hahahaha... u know secretly how i *cough* ... you. HAHAHAHAHAHA! shit. Disturbing.


I'm totally assured that Shiny is gonna be my bestest buddy for a LONG time. DISTURBING.

Deadlines, exams, quizzes are totally pounding at my ass. As I'm typing this now I'm thinking about americanhistory.abrahamlincoln.cubanrevolution.woodrowwilson.panamacanal.

I'm constantly planning ahead, making plans on what to do after this, filling my calender, to-do list, never letting a moment go to waste. My mind has not stop thinking, has not stop planning, has not stopstopstop - I dream of social psychology when I sleep at night. I'm reminded to not let inflexibility of my plans push God aside. As I go through my plans, I'm talking to Him constantly, trying hard to be sensitive to His whispers. I want so very much to just hold onto Him, to hide in His embrace - my source of strength, my joy and my salvation.

He planted this special person in my life - a tangible source of His strength and joy. I can't help feeling bless, thanking Him every morning I wake up knowing the presence of this special person will get me through my 'action-packed' day. I can't stop smiling. I can't stop feeling joyful. I can't stop running. I'm constantly on a caffeine-sugar high without either (60% of the time, please applaud and give me some credit).

People are running around with this deep longing and blank stares in their eyes. They try to fill the void in their lives with drugs, sex, and worldly possessions. They wish so desperately for something to believe in. So they stumble after one thing then another, yet feeling more unsatisfied than ever.

I'm grateful to not be lost.

I'm running this race,
for the One I love.

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