Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh What A Day

Dear diary,

Today I woke up at 6.30am although it is a Saturday because my mummy woke me up. I decided to go back to sleep for another 15 minutes but it became 30 minutes and I was awoken by my mummy's angry voice from downstairs "JESSICA LOKE LING XIN! ARE YOU SLEEPING AGAIN!"

So I got up. Put on pants I found lying on the floor with a t-shirt that was hanging at my door. Then went downstairs and drank my horlicks like a zombie. Mummy makes me horlicks every morning because she said I'm malnourished.

After dropping mummy off at the Holiday Villa it was only 7.30am, so, I decide to wake Amelia up and make her have breakfast with me. The first thing she said to me as she enter the car was "i hate you jessloke." But we went to have breakfast like 'normal' people at 7.45am anyways.

After 3 hours of gossip and generous donation to one of those low costs high charges kopitiams I sent Amelia home then went home myself. I was going to write my macroeconomic essays but decided I have plenty of time and it was the weekends anyways. So I slept until 4pm.

I woke up. Ate some leftover pizza. Sat here at the computer. Next thing I know it is now 9pm.

Hmmm......where did all my time went......I wonder........

I did nothing for an entire day for once since the past 2 months. And I'm happy =)

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