Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where is Jess?

Busy. Busy. Busy.

How busy?

Busy until haven't login to facebook for 2 weeks.

Wah. THAT busy!
Busy with what?

Nah, you see for yourself.

This is Alexis + US History

This is Jessica + US History

This is Alexis + Jessica + US History + Starbucks Caffeine

And this is how the view into Jessica's car look like every morning before class.

The focus of the picture is actually not the smiling girl at the right lower corner (Hafizah) but the window cleaners and our amazement of them during US History class.

Sometimes we take a break off US History to inspire KC for her advertising class' assignments.

Who is KC?

This is KC (without Jessica)

This is KC again (with Jessica!)

This is KC trying to look cool (for Jessica)

So these are the 2 people I've been hanging out with day in day out for the past month.

Some people walk to loose calories.
We walk to gain them.

While walking we sometimes see things like that - a flatten rat.
This is after 3 days when I first saw it with its organ squeezed out because a car ran over it.

Sometimes we walk outside school on field trips to Bank Negara to listen about Islamic Banking (because US History lost its ability to bore us)

Of course, we have to camwhore in Bank Negara's washroom.

On another occasion, we got Jessica's first haircut since November 2008.

Yet, It didn't stop Jessica from continuing her bad habit of pulling her hair.
(Somebody please slap me or something when you see me pulling my hair or I might look like Samy Vellu in few more years)

Other times, we decide to bake like typical domestic housewives.

And then, Alexis decided that the floor lacked marble floor flavors.

So, we might get a little dramatic.
(this camera + glass wall is putting on 100 pounds on me)

But life is still good and God is great as always =)

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