Sunday, August 23, 2009

1 Week Of Holidays Left!

Oh gosh!
I didn't even notice the holidays beginning; now it's already time to collect my results.

Every time when Jo is back, there is always something soaking in the bucket in the toilet.

#1 - Oh, it's her comb.
#2 - Oh, yuck, it's her retainer.
#3 - Oh, what the, it's her bra straps.

Last week, I attended Inti Christian Fellowship's camp in Golden Sands, Port Dickson. And I've learn - CAMP FOOD CAN BE GOOD. Seriously, I think the ladies there are so overflowing with God's grace that it pours into the food!

I never wanted to attend the camp. First of all it was 4 days long! (4 days without facebook?!) Secondly, it was the day after I sent Alexis off. I only got home close to 1am after seeing her off. Her first flight was to Singapore, before I reached home, I received a text saying she has arrived in Singapore. Thirdly, I really needed some ACTUAL holiday time to rest and to complete my university applications.

People: Hey when are you leaving?

Me: Err... December?

People: This December?

Me: Err.. Yes.

People: Where are you heading to?

Me: Err.... Not sure.

People: Roughly?

Me: Err... Not sure.

People: Have you applied?

Me: Err... In the process......

People: Have you even taken TOEFL?

Me: Err..... Taking soon!

Last but not least, Mr. Jon Yam was leaving for the states on Wednesday and I couldn't send him off because it was Why Love camp day 2 T.T Jon I'm pretty sure you are reading this, have a great weekend unpacking and prepare for school on Monday! I can't believe you choose to arrive the day before your orientation! What is this man?! I would have kicked your arse all the way to Buffalo if I knew!

I conjured up so many more excuses not to go; so I asked God, if you really want me to go, give me one clear sign. (After that, every time they promote the camp Alexis said it was a sign -_-) And though I was the demanding little girl I was, God gave me a sign - He appointed me as a group leader.

This was in addition to because both Alexis and Auntie Dino cant stop nagging at me to go. (Ya, thanks Kuannie) And also because I couldn't walk peacefully to the toilet without the CF people telling me to sign up! (Their booth was right next to the toilet) Sometimes I purposely take the lift up to use the library's toilet instead.

Sigh. Can't escape lar.

But. In the end, I've been greatly blessed in camp. God has been ever present especially during the first day when I just couldn't focus on anything at hand wknowing my best friend is flying further and further away. I have learn to just lean upon Him during troubled times and allow Him to take care of it. And ya, thanks Amelia for comforting me on the phone when you got tons of assignment at hand =)

I was also greatly blessed with the company of this bunch of crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee people in camp! I see the light and joy that God shine into their lives; thanks so much for making this camp AWESOMEEEEEE!

Erica truly deserved the Psycho Award she won!

This group belongs to Erica.

We look like we're dancing but we're actually wrestling with our butts.

Our group - the 'Cool-Cool' Group
No further comments please.

There are just so many pictures of Psycho Erica.
I really just can't stop laughing in her company!

The other sakai's - Swee Ling, Jamie & Christine

All in all, the glory, the praises goes to you Father Lord.
Help me continue to run this race as Your child Father.
And help me complete Your will on earth as it is in Heaven.

Now heaven, be open
Our God is, unshaken
We worship, Christ risen
High above

Now heaven, be open
All kingdoms, all nations
Declare that “You are God”

Samson has been diagnosed with H1N1; please pray for him and his family and also take necessary precaution, drink lots of water, take your vitamins and try not to go out this coming week (though ya it's the last week of your holidays). If you note any of the symptoms please go to the doctor immediately.

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Deborah said...

Hahah... Don't worry! I went through the whole 'Where am i going to college... I can't believe i still dont know!' phase a mere month before coming to NY. Good luck~!