Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alexis See Tho Wai Kuan

I didn't have the privilege (fuiyoh, stop smilling woman) of knowing Alexis See Tho Wai Kuan until the first time I ask her out for dinner on a very random note on June 3rd 2009. Before that I've been wanting to know that tall girl who strides in and out of CAE (Centre of American Education) looking all so capable, responsible and mature; I wanted to know her even more when I stumble upon her blog knowing that she's majoring in journalism and on fire for God.

Being short (5' 3' stop saying I'm only 5'2'!), having a common face and a low profile in the CAE, my chance of knowing her was little to none. Seriously, I think she only sees the top of people's heads when she walks. And then! JENG JENG JENG! My chance came when Shaza was talking about her and said she would introduce me to her; this subsequently led to the most awkward introductory meeting I've ever been.

Ya, I've repeated it a million times but I can't get over how dumb it was!
You may go to sleep now Wai Kuan.

She was in the middle of a meeting with her Ed-Board members (omigosh she was like the Editor-In-Chief for Inti's newsletter!!! Ya actually I didn't know we have a newsletter before I know her) and they were all standing in a circle in the CAE, this Shaza just grabbed my hands and dragged me into the middle of the circle and introduced me, loudly proclaiming, "Oh! Alexis here is Jessica! She's been wanting to know you for a long time!"

Oh noes man!
First impression was totally gone.

Of course nothing happened after that awkward meeting; life is not a fairy tale okay ladies and gentlemen.

But when the new semester started in May,
guess who was in my Econs class???? *wink wink*
Guess who sat beside me???? *wink wink wink*
Guess who was in my assignment group??? *wink wink x9999999999999*

When we started talking, I realized we share so much in common that it's creepy! We both love music, both enjoy cooking (though she thinks my cooking sucks), read the same books, both crazily spontaneous, both hungry for Truth.... The list goes on, and the worst thing that we have in common is that both of us have a pile of clothes in our room (some clean, some worn) that we squat beside and sniff out piece by piece every morning deciding what to wear.

We are like twins; on the inside that is.
The only difference was that she was tall and I am short!
I'm prettier and she's...............!

What happened from that dinner onwards was history -

The day where we attended 2 church services and Beau Bristow showcase, aka the super-holy day, the very same week we just knew each other! I won that CD through a lucky draw! I've rarely won stuff at lucky draws like that!!!

The following week when I cluelessly agreed to go for the Ed-Board Camp in Genting then nearly died of exhaustion during the Amazing Race you planned which purposely hindered me and Jon from winning! Oh ya! WHERE ARE THE PRIZES?!?!? Jon is already in the states so I don't mind having his share as well.

The many times we ate at Salmon Steak; where you have never fail to order the same food and sit in the same position.

The social circles we share when we cross-paths - KC the one pretending to be hardworking while you looked on with a very bored stare.

Jon Yam, one of the nicest guys I've ever met. The one who made me run for 2 hours plus in Genting, yes I'll never forget you!

Mojo, who now calls you half a sister. She says you're way cooler than me. She checks your facebook more often than I do, seriously.

"Moses" and your brother, also your very friendly mum, still can't believe you invited me to your brother's family birthday celebration when we've known each other for only 2 weeks! Moses is going to take your place now during my visits to Cheras.

Last but not least, Auntie Dino, the big well of knowledge and wisdom we continue to 'leech' from.

Besides you, I'll miss driving around Jazzy the most.

And your amazement of the skies while I drive Jazzy. Nowadays when I drive Betty, I too start noticing the clouds and the blue skies.

The many times we went out with Jo for sushi and watched her getting stuff stuck between her teeth.

And of course, of course the many hours upon hours we studied! Here you see me falling asleep; that actually happens alot. But in order to encourage you to perservere, I actually pretended not to be sleepy! What torture!

The amount of good food we had! Oh no! The pan mee, the loh shu fun in Murni, the endless flow of cendols, the banana leaf rice in Bangsar! The list is endless! So is the growth of our waistline man!

And I give you, Jessica the rockstar!
I've always wanted a picture of me with a guitar =)

Our very, very spontaneous trip to PD, Malacca and then Muar =)

So many more mental snapshots and memories! We did so much together that I felt we've been friends from a span of years, not just 3 months.

You have never cease to care for me like a mother - I will never have another friend who is willing to come to my house and cook me meals, and even study with me when her exams are over, who drives me all the way to MidValley just to have ice cream when I said I needed a break and leaves little notes of encouragement between my notes, whose idea of waking me up 3am to study is to drive all the way to my house, use the keys which I left in your car, in order to literally pull me out of my sweet slumber.

But most importantly, you have taught me much about myself and our walk with Him. I agree that nothing come by chance and all that had happened was in His plans and that they all serve as a bigger purpose in both our lives.

I'm at a lost with words here =/

I was out of touch with God when I first met you; He was only there if I can fit Him in my schedule, and I was just lost in the world and all its business. Then, God put you into my life - the mysterious tall girl whom I've always wanted to meet, who eventually became one of the dearest friend I've ever had. Your heart for God was so intriguing for me: we share the same interests, same beliefs, yet, where was my love for Him?

Hours before you left, you said, "God has bigger plans for you than a 4.0"
It hit me hard, I'll never forget.

So much more I want to write but so lost for words here.
Will continue more personally in your letter okie.

Right now, as this chapter with you in my life closes, I'm blessed with a new heart and new hunger to comprehend the depth, the width, the length and the height of His love. You played a vital role in all that. Through difficult times, you have never stopped being my friend; I can't be grateful enough for that. I only hope that I have that I have been a true friend in return.

He sees all that you have done Kuannie, He sees.

As you start a new life in the states, I believe with all my heart that God will start a new chapter better than the last, beyond our expectations.

For Alexis, defender of mankind,

From the rockstar happily having her pan mee =)
nyek nyek nyek


Alexis said...

I didn't leave a comment cos the post is so long and I needed time to digest all the words you wrote mah. Now leave a comment la, nah!

Eh you forgot one thing la. Where's my acknowledgment for the pictures? The pics are all from my phone wan loh you pencuri.

Heeee, rockstar.

Simply Jess said...

nah -> credits goes to alexis see tho's phone because jessloke's phone not awesome enough to snap pictures.

Anonymous said...

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