Thursday, August 27, 2009


a: The state or an instance of being frustrated.
b: A deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfiled needs.

Still. You know me best.
To be radical and real. I wonder what does that means.

This picture, posted on Shiny's blog is an evidence that she's jealous of my beauty.

After not seeing Shiny for close to 2 months (record-breaking)

Me: *big wide grin* Have you forgot how I look like?

Shiny: Please lar, 15 years already, I'll never forget your face.

Shiny: Sadly.

It's Thursday! Thursday night! And, I haven't even come close to finishing my applications! I feel so uptight and restless not knowing where I'm heading to at this moment. All along I've seen myself in Mount Holyoke College, where I'll eventually graduate in 2011 (let's be optimistic) and join the ranks of great women like Emily Dickinson. If not MHC, it would be me wearing a jacket which spells Y.A.L.E. (sigh, gossip girl ruined my life - new season out on Sept 14!)

But now! But now! But now!

Now all I see is a pile of recommendation letters to be completed, favors to be asked, tedious forms to be filled, bulldog's face...... And I know I shouldn't be anxious, shouldn't be all so stressed up, and that I should just put my trust in Him.


I'm feeling so frustrated now that I'm speaking in BM which I got B3 in; at that time I felt it was the end of the world (sigh, 17 young and stupid). All of us were, I remember Sukhdave wanted to order the "Sad lunch" Get it?? Get it??

AHHHHHHHHHHH Oh no! Sukhdave! Dharshini! Siu Ni! SJ! Ken! MARIAAAAAAAAA! All these people whom I said I'll meet up with this holiday. And it's Thursday night! Tomorrow it'll be Friday then it'll be the weekend, then HERE WE GO AGAIN - wake up 6am, traffic jams, stupiak parkings, sleep in car, forget to bath, sleepless assignment deadlines....

My mind is so clouded with all these thoughts! Above all these, I'm missing my best friend who used to get me organized, drag me out of bed when I don't feel like doing anything and makes me smile silly.

*Dharshini text to meet up*
at least one thing off my list.

Happy last few days of holiday me =((((((((((((((


kc said...

Cheer UP! If you're still not done by the time school begins, I'll be sure to pester you everyday. What else do you have to get done? Registered for school yet?

Simply Jess said...

enrolled already. taking philo and micro as planned. urghhhhhhhhh tmr also not free.....=((((((((