Friday, August 28, 2009

The Last Time I'm Seeing Dharshini (for a long, long, long time)

We had 2 large McD fries, 1 large bicarbonate drink and more ice kacang.
Hah Dhar! So much for being a doctor!
Did you realize we have that every time you're back?

Dhar reminded how fast time was passing by us; in another 6 months, she'll be back here to do her 3rd year in Penang. It felt like only yesterday Pigrol and I was at her house discussing about what to do upon getting our STPM results; then, Pigrol has this crazy idea of going to India. Dhar remembered it was March 13 2008; she left for India at the end of March itself. It felt as though it was only yesterday when we all sent Dhar off at the airport. Amelia cried as usual.

It felt though it was only last week when Dhar was making jokes with Shen Ni, Keh Len about how I always fall asleep during Pn Norhaliza's (wow, I remembered her name) class, actually not only her class lar, there is also Jega, Shanta, Saadiah (once again, wow) We actually had competitions - who falls asleep last wins - but it never worked! Shen Ni can poke me all she wants but I'll still be drooling on my textbook.

It felt as though it was last year (you get the idea) when we first entered Seafield! When we first encounter Pn Leong, make horrendous jokes about Pn Fong and laughed at Pn Joriah. I still remember Leong's moral class (nothing about the nilai), remember how Fong's face came 1 inch away from ours on the first day of school asking if we need math tuition - dong make noise ah! if not i jot tow your name - and of course all of Joriah's jewelry, Grace calls her the walking jewelry shop.

How can I forget when Sukhdave, Hon Ming, Wai Yuen, Ong Loong always gather together just to discuss this (besides reading horoscopes - the hobbies of the nerds)! I can still do a pretty mean immitation of Fong, Leong, Joriah, and Cheong Ah Chan! But before we left school, all 4 of them had, both Fong and Leong retired, no news of Cheong Ah Chan after she migrated to the states while the one we laughed at all the time is a Pengetua somewhere.

In another year, it'll be Engineer Sukhdave and Ong Loong, Accountant Pei Chin and Pei Ting, in addition to designer Wai Yuen; another 3 years - Dr. Hon Ming and Dharshini and Pigrol. We used to have discussions on where we see ourselves in 5 or 10 years; now that it is all happenning, it felt as if it was only yesterday that we were young and stupid, laughing at BBA 7278.

Dhar, we've been through PMR, SPM, STPM together and I've seen how you blossomed into the beautiful person you are now, both inside and out. You look so much like a doctor now I'm serious! Through those 7 years you have continuously care and support me whether it was in my academics or other issues. I can never forget our choral speaking days, how we tried to solve unsolvable math questions, and of course Thaya. Yesterday while dropping you off, yeah, it reminded me the times I drop you off after Mrs Gooi or Ms Elizabeth classes. And to think that this would be the last time I'm dropping you off......................

Anyways, my dear Dhar, have a safe journey back to Salem the land of no McD (Oh no!). No matter whether you're in India or Penang or I'm in US I'll never forget you. Don't forget to invite me for your wedding through facebook! Til' then, enjoy staring at people's teeth!

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