Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh Busy Days are BackBackBack!

My soul satellite is telling me, someone is watching over me!
Closer than my heart,beating to eternity.

Truth is, I don't like telling people that I'm too busy and way too busy to spare anyone any of my time. I hatehatehate it when people give excuses that they are too busy or when people boast about how busy they are as if they are more so incredibly important when they can spend hours on msn and facebook.

God, please help me not to be like that okay?

I know I can fill my whole calendar yet still have time to sit at the dining table to laugh at Jo for an hour especially every time mummy yells from the living room "JOANNE LOKE YI HUA HAVE YOU FINISH YOUR DINNER?!?!" Poor mummy, after she had finished dinner for close to an hour, her 19-year-old daughter is still at the dining table with still half a plate of rice left.

The other day while doing the dishes (yes! I do chores!) Jo was beside me and she was cutting apples. Suddenly I thought, "Fuiyoh, for once Jo is cutting me some apples." Then, of course, life is not a fairy tale - Jo proceeded not to eat those apples herself but fed them to the dog.

The dog did not finish (or enjoy) those apples.

Few hours later -

Credits: MoJo herself

See Jo? You did not manage to please the dog and you further displease mummy! Pabo!

Pabo means fool in Korean! Jessica suddenly knows Korean and *GASP* SuperJunior because Christine Ong showed her a video which made Jessica's IQ drop about 10 points.

If you think you are too intelligent and don't mind 10minutes of your life you'll never get back - Click here!

Until next time (Jo does something dumb) back to Philosophy!

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