Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Semester 4 - Gear 1 (for now)

People talk on the their handphones during traffic jams.
I talk to God.

It's free!

Today while driving to school
- the first day of my 4th semester aka my last semester! serious one! -

I prayed that my last 2 months won't be about just classes and assignments, another 4.0 (cheh!) or just another 8 weeks.

I prayed that my presence in Inti would actually be a blessing to the people there instead of otherwise - when I first made friends in AUP it's because I needed to get 2nd hand textbooks.

I prayed that my one year plus in Inti actually counts for something other than just working hard to make the grade, endless worries about assignments and tests, and have nothing in mind other than just transferring after compiling enough credit hours.

Of course, I also prayed that this semester will be even more awesome than the previous one! =D

Okay people, even though my cGPA is now 3.97 I'm notnotnot sad! You guys can stop taunting me now imnotsad.imnotsad.imnotsad. hahahahaha.....

Frankly, last semester was the best time I've ever had packed in 4 months that I really don't care I got an A- In those 4 months, I've learn and experienced so much more than any 0.03 can buy; made some awesome trips to Lang Tengah, Malacca, Genting! & PD; on top of that, formed unexpected bonds and friendships. Plus, a cGPA of 3.97 shows I'm an actual living, breathing human!

But those who got a 4.0 GPA this semester better not walk into any lorong alone....*palms fist*

God reminded me that back in May, I blogged that I have a feeling that the semester was going to be a good one; He has never shortchanged me.

I have a feeling this semester is going to be even better! Beyond all expectations!

So, here we go!

6am mornings, traffic jams, sleep in car, forget to bath, lousy parkings, sleepless nights assignments and tests BUT unforgettable experiences, awesome people and a great God!

joy unspeakable that won't go away,
just enough strength to live for the day,
but I never have to worry what tomorrow may bring,
because my faith is on solid rock!
I'm counting on God!

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