Friday, September 04, 2009

A World Without Coffee

is absolutely depressing.

Just like the movie I watched in Philosophy class - Human Nature;
just like the song I heard on Sam's blog Gary Jules - Mad World;

just reminds me how pathetic we people are;
just reminds me how sad the world we live in is;
just reminds me how much we all need God.

On a less depressing note -

BENG is coming back! =D

He's not giving you the finger,
it's just how he holds his phone
like a little girl... hehe


kc said...

... apart from showing you human nature and making you think, it was also supposed be funny, NOT DEPRESSING! In philo, you'll learn that nothing is permanent and in buddhist teachings, people aren't supposed to be attached to things. And remember what Eric showed you on the first day, the person with the least is the happiest person (or something along those lines) so it's OK to GIVE UP COFFEE!

Simply Jess said...

it was NOT funny at all lor! it gave such a bleak portrayal of human nature and my brain is damaged from all that obscenity =( there is absolutely no mention of God nor any of religion, not even morality throughout the entire movie! the movie is stating there is no difference between animals and man except for human's need for attribution and social decorum. It is saying we are pathetic beings at mercy of our sexual instinct. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THATTTTTTTTTTT!
but honestly, it reminds me the sad state our world is now. Look at how hot sex is selling; its sickening.

nah the main focus of the post is not me giving up coffee lar...hehe heeeeeeeeee in fact, i think i'm gonna drive out now to get some good coffee yummmmmmm hehe have a good weekend kc! thanks for coming for macro today! actually this morning saya amat emo. sorry ah.

kc said...

The movie gives its interpretation of human nature, you'll learn that there are many other interpretations of human nature. So don't worry Jessica!You can define human nature the way you want it. Things'll always turn out for the best! I got lost yesterday on the way home trying to avoid a jam. But as usual, all roads lead home!

Its no problem! I'm super free and I don't mind sitting in class. Plus, I get a place to sit and work! So it works out for the best! Kenapa emo sangat? You have a good weekend too!

Simply Jess said...

Ya i know its only that particular movie's interpretation. However I find it quite true in certain parts of our society. But I feel that in the end there will be a time when we will all question what are we here for really and what is our purpose here. And that is the time we'll turn to God for answers - this part is not tackled in the movie.

hehe the other day i got lost too! some more super dark. i end up somewhere near the star and had to pay toll take sprint go home. I seriously think we need to invest in a GPS device!

i think pms lar. cuz i just came to the realization my only friend in micro is JANITHA!!!!!!!!! JENG JENG JENG!

kc said...

Should wait to go to the US then get a GPS.. We'll probably get lost there more often..

Uh Oh! Jessica, you should sit with unknown strangers, then talk to them like the way you usually do! I'll accompany you for the next few classes of micro k? Oh, there's Beverly there, Keat and Wilson.. Start with them? And I also realized, are those ppl all AUP or are there Northwood ppl in there? How come we haven't seen any of them before???