Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hi Locke. Why Are You In My Philosophy Textbook?

One day, during class, I told Nad -

I secretly think that John Locke is one of my ancestors. So is Loke Yew. Locke probably married an Asian who has bad spelling and lost the C somewhere down the family line. Then, one of them probably had Loke Yew then ta-dah! Me!

Er. Jess, have you gone crazy studying Philo?

But Jo told me Loke Yew's actual name is Wong Loke Yew so there goes my famous ancestors.

But Locke, if you really are my ancestor, there must be some genes you passed down to me to understand your philosophy!

First our Senses, conversant about particular sensible objects, do convey into the mind several distinct perception of things, according to those various ways wherein those objects do affect them......zzzzzzzzzzzzz *falls asleep and drools on Philosophy textbook*

Oh well...
I guess not....

After 2 months, I decided that I actually like studying philosophy *smiles*

Mr. Eric:
You mean you like studying the dumbed down version of introduction to philosophy? *bigger smile*

Yeah, so my Philosophy lecturer isn't the nurturing kind that showers us with praises and approval. Instead, he 'lavishes' us with sarcasm and Monty Python videos, and inserts such statements into our notes -

"Few philosphers in history have been so unreadable and dry as Immanuel Kant. Yet few have had a more devastating impact on human thought. Kant's devoted servant, Lumppe, is said to have faithfully read each thing his master published, but when Kant published his most important work, "The Critique of Pure Reason," Lumppe began but did not finish it because, he said, if he were to finish it, it would have to be in a mental hospital."

So this is the first statement I read before I attempt to conquer Kant's philosophy. Thanks Mr. Eric, you're the best! *big wide smile*

But really, I'm grateful to have enrolled in this class. One of the classes I learn most from and thoroughly enjoy. So fellow AUP-ians, if you're interested, do enroll in PHI101 with Mr. Eric Lee Chan Yu! (also because Philosophy is gonna be wayyyyyy tougher in the states, 50% failure rate?)
Only because I don't post enough pictures in my blog...
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