Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Friends By Default

Fear God, and you'll have nothing else to fear.

I discovered cheap gelato in Taipan! Patisfrance - the bakery beside Maybank and across Starbucks. 4 scoops for only RM9.60 and it tastes good too!

I haven't laughed so much since the past few months until Monday night's dinner with Daniel, Nad, Hafi, and KC. They reminded me the good company of friends and the endless silly laugh
ter that comes with it.

My year in Inti passes me by so quickly, before I know it, I've been friends with Nad, Hafi and KC for a year now. Though I didn't bother making friends then, they put in effort to ask me out for lunches and events countless times to which I 'politely' decline. Only after Hafi complaint (countless times) that we never have lunch together after 6months being friends that I caved in. Only after KC pointed out that the number of friends I have in Inti can be counted with one hand (with one finger to spare) that I realize I really am a social hermit.

Well, of course lah...
She didn't count my Psych text and History text, I consider them my best friends!

I used to recognize Hafi and KC as 'friends by default' - Hafi is my friend because we share at least one Psych class every semester and similar point of views on education and assignments. KC is my friend because we are both high achievers (that's what Lee Chan Yu says because he cant understand how a Psych major and an Advertising major can be friends, one is *supposedly* quiet-observant and the other is action-power packed). But now I recognize them as 'friends who stuck around' even when our conversations revolves only around classes, lecturers, university choices, and assignments.

And I'm ever grateful =)

Our only group photo and its without Daniel (the konon birthday boy)...
Credits: Daniel

Now here is another one of Nad's quotes -

Nad: (giving directions)
When you see Shell take a left turn, then take a right turn, you will see a building that the process of....err......building. Go straight, then you'll see the shop. It has a big green fish, you cant miss it, it's a big fish.

Have a great holiday people!


Jee Sheng said...

the konon birthday boy?... apa ini?..... eh... link me!

kc said...

Hello Jessica! Looks like I may be leaving before you..

You forgot to insert Nad's evil laughter after every sentence! :)

Anyways, I'm ever grateful you are my friend! :D

Simply Jess said...

JS: yesh. shall link youuuuuuuu