Sunday, November 01, 2009

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness!

Right after our Philosophy paper 31st October 10.30am -

Nad: I'm finally feeling what everybody else felt!

Did you know?
The US constitution of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is actually written based on Locke's philosophy of government, though his actual social philosophy is life, liberty, estate (the right to own property). Thus, people say the US government is actually a big social experiment for Locke's philosophy.

But Locke's philosophy did not come out for exam...after those hours...

But that's okay because I'm HAPPY. For once, I feel so free! I feel so LIBERATED. My mind is empty! No more university applications, no more deadlines, no more tutoring, no more meetings, nothing! For once, my pockets are not filled with receipts recycled as to-do lists. For once, my car's backseat is not filled with notes, books, documents and random snacks.

I was so happy after the exam that I couldn't stop laughing while driving home.
I laughed and sang out loud to songs I've never heard of on the radio, I just couldn't stop laughing and singing.

Once upon a time,

You talk some more I take knife and stab you.

I haven't felt this happy for a long time. But I know well, it is only happiness. It is fleeting. Fleeting like most people's desire to do this and that during the holidays, but the desire fades away on the second day of the holiday itself. So amidst the singing and laughing, I prayed to God to grant me His joy. I only remembered this prayer now actually, it only goes to show how forgetful we humans are yet God is ever faithful because He never forgets.

I was running late this morning to church, and praise and worship has already started. So, I rushed to parked my car, ran all the way to the hall. Heart racing, mind running. But, as I stepped into the hall, at first sight, I was awestruck. My heart stopped, my mind cleared. I just stood there, basked in the wonderful presence of God. "How beautiful is our God, how very beautiful and awe-some He is", I kept thinking.

Joy overwhelms me to the point tears filled my eyes.
I can only smile, lift up my hands high and worship Him.
This is joy.
Joy because His love resides in me.

Father, I thank You for I pray to an amazing God.

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