Friday, November 27, 2009

Precious Moments

I came home close to 1am.
I didn't get to check the mail today.

But there is a letter for me on the study table.

It's a tiny envelope.
With Cornell's logo on it.

It's a rejection letter.

But it's okay because I have a God who's bigger than Cornell :)

I found one of my favorite children books. On the first page, I wrote with my very best handwriting - To: Jessica From: Fat Chet Date: May 1, 1997 :)

Ya, I like using smiley faces since I was 9 :)
And referred to Papa Loke as Fat Chet because he bought me a book during Labor Day 1997.

Reading it now, I realize there is so many lessons I missed as a kid. It's a simple book with size 16 font but it still teaches me new things now as I go through it. Just like how everyday God reveals new ideas and thoughts to His people through the Bible.

One of my favorite poems in the book -

A Shepherd Song

What does a shepherd feed his lamb?
Good green grass or gooseberry jam?

What does a shepherd tell his sheep?
"Stay up all night" or"Go to sleep"?

What does a shepherd like to say?
"Find it yourself," or "I'll show you the way"?

What does a shepherd like to do?
He likes to whisper, "I love you."


Lim Zhen Yu (Amos) said...

I think I'll most probably read a book like that at the age of 19.


Alexis said...


Haha now we know why you smile all the time eh?

I want gooseberry jam!

Simply Jess said...

hehehe still reading your Palestinian life story?

"You're never fully dressed without a smile!" Annie
stop eating so much!

Lim Zhen Yu (Amos) said...

ya when I remember i should read it.