Thursday, December 31, 2009

31st Dec 2009

Today morning, I woke up and looked out of the window -

Well okay, not true, Sophie woke me up, and the window is usually not the first thing people would look at when they wake up right? It's facebook. But isn't that how it is for all those Christmassy movies? People go like, ahhhhhhhh it's so beautiful. But the first words I utter this morning is - holy crap - as I look how heavily it's snowing outside.

Oh dear Lord I'm so sorry.
I've been going on and on about how we'll be counting down at Times Square this year after watching it every year on CNN since I was younger. But after experiencing -17 degree celsius with 35mph wind which blows right through your soul, I have doubts. And it's SNOWING today! Not regular snowing, heavy downpour SNOW! In order to get a good view, you have to stand there from 2pm onwards! It is 10 hours standing in the snow! With a gazillion more people crowded around you, filling up to 10 blocks. All for the 10, 9, 8, 7, 6............... Happy new year! Then, some random stranger hugs you.
I layered on 5 layers, as usual, then went out to play in the snow. And it was beautiful. So beautiful. It amazes me how GOD created something so beautiful like that, but of course, He is GOD! He who is wonderfully creative and ultimately different from all mankind. I laughed and frolic in the snow, becoming a kid again.
So 2009 is coming to an end.
Time for some reflection.
It has ended beautifully for me; all glory and praise goes to You and You only.

Gotta go out now for Dim Sum buffet! YAY! Who says got no Dim Sum here?!

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