Monday, December 28, 2009

A Brand New Chapter

"There are better things ahead than any we leave behind." C.S. Lewis

It has been my childhood dreams to study in the states, I've longed and imagined myself buried under stacks of reference academic materials, writing papers and having intellectual exchange with professors. I've pictured myself in New York (Friends), Hollywood (SClub7), Seattle (Grey's).

But now that I'm really there, I'm still trying to picture myself there. I just can't believe I'm actually there already. (Maybe it's because I'm still traveling in New York with 5 other Malaysians) It just hadn't hit me that I'm already in this foreign land that me, a tiny, short Asian girl, who has gotta survive (and prayerfully thrive) in this land of giants.

I've been here for barely 24hours, yet enough adventures to last for a week. I thank GOD for awesome friends who picked me up from the airport to carry 40kg of my luggages, made sure I'm warm with sufficient winter wear, and cooked a typical Asian dinner with soup! And then also for getting ourselves lost on Harlem streets 3 in the morning, stranded in the rain at 1 degree Celsius lugging heavy luggages, walking approximately 30 blocks in total, setting off the fire alarm at 6am from baking and unclogging the toilet at 10am using instructions from google.

It was pretty eventful for a first day!

Not exactly suffering from jet lag but I fell asleep today in the subway and ter-hantuk my head on some stranger's shoulder. He was sitting next to me listening to some really loud spanish tunes. He turned, looked at me and smiled. For one thing, I think I look really young because at the immigration checkpoint the officer looked at me and asked, "You traveling alone? Where are your parents?"

By the way, thanks so much guys for sending me off. Thanks for all the gifts, cards, pictures, calls, hugs, wishes and prayers. Seriously, thanks so much. Each and everyone of you have a special place in my heart and mean so very much to me. You guys filled the pages of my life with so many colors. I didn't cry at the airport but I did tear up in the plane especially after few of you guys called me. I'll definitely miss you people but I understand how we each have to move on with our own lives. You people have my bestest wishes in your own pursuits and if you are in need of some love, I'm always available. With the beautiful memories you guys gifted to me, I'll start this brand new chapter of my life.

GOD grace is always sufficient. I didn't worry a single bit during my 26 hours flight alone, or freaked out when my flight was delayed for hours. I know, and I know, and I know that I'm safe with Him; that Jesus is taking care of me all the way. Father, I give thanks to the uplifting strangers you sent to help me, for a really comfortable flight, for really awesome friends and for my parents who paid for all my expenses. I surrender everything into your hands - my plans, hopes, and dreams. They are yours and I shall always follow you.

My last look of Malaysia was the MAS hanger at KLIA. hahahaha

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