Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Need Thee Every Hour

I believe there is indeed something amazing above us :)

Happy Birthday MojoJojo!

You're 19! How come after so many years you're still only 19??

Although I haven't got you anything in the past few years, you know I love you can already right? hehehe The gift shall come when I come back from the States in 2011. teeheehee
Have fun and keep growing, I hope your POW plan is working. Let's make supper later (:
I think your POW plan is working on me instead. But its okay, obese is the normal weight in America. hehehehe I hope you fai kou jiong tai and xue ye jing bu (canto + mandarin; the canggih Cina). Get better grades maybe can escape working for Telekom for 8 years. Be good, email me always and remember to read your bible everyday. May the Lord smile upon you everyday of your life and may His joy finds a place in your heart (:


Anonymous said...

Hahahah... Obese is NOT the normal weight in New York and California! Basically the states with lots of fashion super models or beaches.

Simply Jess said...

hahaha so THANK LORD i'm going to the midwest?