Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Gonna Miss The Good Times We Shared =C

In Art class, when you did my color exercise while talking about 'the world'.

In Public Speaking class, when we teamed up and conquered 'the world' (and also Ms. Kalai).

In History class, when we share the same answers for the reading assignment,
yet I still got higher marks hehehe also when 'she' ignored the times you raise your hands.

In Macroecons class, when we baked carrot cakes instead of completing our assignments.

In Microecons class, when I didn't have any friends, you came to all of my classes until I found someone I could talk to.


Gosh. I can't believe this morning is gonna be the last time we talk and do dumb stuff for a long, long, long time. WHY ARE YOU GOING TO SWITZERLAND??? I'm gonna emo you for not sending me off when you told me you were gonna since August when Alexis left. I demand that you fly to Nebraska first before going to your college next August!!!

You have been a great friend to me; I really mean that. I do appreciate and note all those times you did things for me even without me asking. You are one of those awesome friends that took in others' interests no matter what you do. Looking back at how much you helped me in those classes we shared, I don't think I could have gotten into the President's or Dean's list without your help.

Hafizah once whispered to me, "Jessica, you know what is the secret to succeeding in school? It's having friends." Immediately, it's you who came to mind. I didn't get to tell you because Hafizah told me that while I was frantically coloring my artwork minutes before its due with Mr. Bad breathing down my neck!

Eric Lee Chan Yu was pretty right when he noted how different we are. You're an action-packed, always on the go Advertising major while I'm a contemplative, philosophical Psychology major. Perhaps its the complementary nature of our friendship that makes things comfortable and easy.

And your freaknomics is still in my car! I meant to pass it to you but forgot. You see, it's like that with us. Times with you are too comfortable; even this morning seemed casual. We had breakfast, played stack em' and talked like we're gonna have another semester in Inti. The feeling only sunk in when you hugged me before you left in a hurry =C I nearly cried but the waiter was staring.

My dearest KC Hong, I'm gonna miss you. You are one of the first few friends I have in Inti. The new semester is going to be different without you around asking me whether I paid my parking; I'm gonna be using a bicycle in UNL. Nobody is going nag me about not eating anymore (maybe Alexis lah). Enjoy your Europe tour and all the best in everything you choose to do. It remains my daily prayer that you will be still enough to feel GOD's presence; He loves you and has always been looking out for you like you have been for everybody else.

Alright I guess that's it for now (before I start crying), remember to take tons of pictures and post them up facebook! Emmanuel :)

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KC said...

Dear Jessica Loke or Loke-ness,

Thanks so much! I have finally warrant enough to have a post finally up for me! WEEE! This is history! :D

For all the things that I've probably done for you, I hope you know that you've done a lot more for me.

My achievements have also been yours because many of them have been with your help and guidance.

In Nebraska, make sure you lock your bike up and don't go looking for the parking meter. Also, since you'll be cycling, you probably shouldn't fall asleep and hope someone as kind as Mr Eric or I will come knocking to wake you up. Maybe Alexis will...

Also, coffee doesn't constitute as breakfast. I hope 2 sems with me have taught you that.

And the thing you can be proudest of is (no, your attempts didn't convert me) but you helped me see that God is a lot more than I thought and I have learned to put my faith in Him. For that, I am ever thankful.

I'll miss the days when we randomly sing out of the blue or go bucking or attempt to study at your place. And eat Alexis's homemade food while cramming for history and gossiping and disturbing ah leik. But most of all, I'll miss you too.

Ok, if I go on some more, your blog will bar me from ever entering for posting up a comment longer than your post. Thanks and do take care. Sorry for the failed and broken promises.. See you around! :)

ps: I shed A tear. *sniffles*