Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Man... Thanks Nad...

Hooked on you..........hooked on you.............

I cried after reading your card.
Yalah, it doesn't seem like a birthday card!

Thanks so much for the photo and the book, both which I wanted to get for myself!

Thanks so much for being a true friend; one of the few friends I keep in Inti (I notice how often I use this line).

Thanks for layan-ing all my antics in class - my (awesome) singing, babbling, lame jokes and sudden dance moves. No thanks for licking my face! hahahaha

Thanks for listening when I talk about Jesus; for coming to my church conference! *gasp!* It's absolutely a pleasure to be able to share GOD with you.

Thanks for keeping me company through Philosophy class; your smile and greeting early in the morning always cheered up my day :D Your presence and random hilarious comments in class kept me from feeling alone and excited about Philosophy! hehe

Thanks for all the snacks in class; for letting me help peel your hard-boiled eggs for breakfast (how come this doesn't sound right). Gosh, I'll never forget how you always bring a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a knife to class.

Thanks for all the cendol trips that helped cast away the stress given by John Locke and David Hume's philosophy.

Thanks for always making the first move to call me up or to invite me out =) I really appreciate the amusing memories we share. If it wasn't for you, I guess we might not have been friends at all.

Your card speak such nice things of me, and gosh, I really don't feel that I deserve it. GOD deserves all the glory and praise for He is the one who wills and acts His goodness through me. I'm simply living for Him and keeping His will; though falling short at times but constantly striving. In the process, I have awesome friends like you whom He placed in my life to help me out. Believe it or not Nad, you have helped me out so much through the last couple of months.

I don't know why but I can't imagine a day when I go to college and don't get to be greeted by your smiling face anymore. I'll think of you when someone keeps me waiting at the toilet or when I see shoe prints on the toilet seat. hahahaha Your expressions are always so amusing; and your company has always been enjoyable, so much fun, really. Can't stop laughing especially with the addition of Hafizah and Farina.

Maybe I'll welcome you to UNL in August, maybe not, but wherever you choose to be, note that I'll always send my bestest wishes for you. And ya, I love you too dearest Naddy =)


Naddy said...

eh eh, i like this blog lah hahahaha...miss u~!!!!

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