Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Thank You Note

To express how much you're appreciated and loved (:

Amelia Chan Jiat Hee.Hee.Hee.

Thank you for waking up at 6am today morning.
Just to accompany me for my visa interview.

Thank you for not panicking (unlike me) upon founding out that SMART tunnel is closed due to the heavy rain when it's the only way I know how to use to get to the American Embassy.

Thank you for diligently looking out for road signs and landmarks while we were stuck in a jam on some 'we don't know what highway' when I was panicking from running late.

Thank you for being so random to admire Diplomats' residence while we were lost hunting for parking lots when I was PANICKING from being 20minutes late for the interview; the fact that you were so RELAXED helped.

Thank you for running with me all the way to the embassy; in those shoes, through mud and rain.

Then, thank you for waiting outside the embassy for more than an hour with no reading materials (you dumb dumb didn't wanna take the book I offer you) and no handphone (you dumbdumbdumb left it in my car). On top of that, having to stand with an umbrella because the benches outside are dripping with rain water. Omigosh, THANK YOU.

Thank you for sitting in the car patiently while I enjoy my adventures of driving around KL city center with no idea where I'm heading to whatsoever. Just love watching the people, the buildings and the wonderful little things that make us so Malaysian - little stalls by the road, old worn out buildings next to modern skyscrapers.

Thank you for being awesome company when I was adamant of exploring all four corners of Petaling Street, on foot, under the awesome Malaysian sun! I'm so gonna miss this heat! Gonna miss that old machi lady, the soya bean, the place we run pass every single week rushing for tuition. Not gonna miss the KTM though!

Thank you for forcing me to drive to the clinic, no matter how reluctant I was, to get my jab. Then, thank you for sitting beside in the clinic attempting to make me feel less nervous. And thank you for NOT videoing it!

Thank you for carrying everything and also pushing the trolley - when I proclaim that I shall not use my left arm for the rest of the day due to the jab - while stationary shopping in Mydin.

Thank you for directions from 20,000 over kilometers away.
Thank you for all the shopping for my stuff and helping me so much with this transition to my new school.
Thank you for being the awesome person you are as usual (:

Thank You for leading the way when I'm absolutely clueless where to go.
Thank You for easing my anxiety and assuring me it's going to be okay.
Thank You for people like Chan Jiat Hee and See Tho Wai Kuan; their friendship testifies Your love in my life.

I'm undeserving yet You poured such Grace upon my life.
Life is awesome in You (: for You are the giver of truth, eternal life.

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