Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Well The Funny Thing Is...

I was standing on lower ground! Really!

Both letters from Binghamton and Cornell came on the following two days after I made my decision to go to UNL.
Binghamton acceptance package is the weirdest thing I've ever received.
And I stopped reading Cornell's letter after the words "I regret..."
It was signed personally by the director of undergraduate admission - Jason and well...well....guess what's his last name - LOCKE!

I bet my Father is still laughing now looking at my -.- expression =D
And, oh well, I might as well laugh along (:

Look like heart-shape kah?

What is addiction?
You know you're addicted when you're staying up to 4.30am for IT.
You know you're addicted when although you had only 5hours of sleep since 4.30am, your first thought upon being abruptly awoken is about IT.
You know you're addicted when you're leaving messages about IT in people's blog's chatbox (please refer to specimen A on the sidebar - Jo)

Hehe. Brother ladies.........

I spent the last weekend with my siblings. We hardly got together since Ben left for Singapore in 2007 and Jo for Malacca in the same year. We were stuck to spend quality time with each other when on holiday in Perak with no internet access; but lucky us, our wonderful parents blessed us each with a laptop, so we play Warcraft Tower Defense for 2 days straight - in the hotel room, while traveling home on the highway, then back in my bedroom until 4am.

We are fighting monsters!

Of course, we occasionally (once a day - requirement by Mummy Loke) stopped for a breather and stepped out of the hotel room to walk around at the beach. We built sandcastles/pyramid/round lumps of sand, pushed each other on the swing til the person falls off, had running competitions (which all of us fail to complete) and went jelly fish hunting.

I are caveman.

But during the last day on the beach, while enjoying the sea breeze sitting on some big rocks, Jo dropped our hotel card key. And we proceed to scream and stare as the card slides down between those big rocks into the sea. Next, we only had one thought in mind - "Who's gonna tell Mummy Loke???"

A scene I won't see for some time.

Fortunately, Mummy Loke was in a good mood from observing the Loke kids frolicking on the beach. hehehehe Or else, Jo would now be suffering from beach-rocks-hotel-cardkey-phobia.

I watched Mulan today with my other half of 15 years - Shiny girl! Choice was between Mulan or Phobia 2. Observing the fact that Shiny was grabbing onto my hand (and me grabbing the stranger beside me) when Mulan's friend got murdered brutally, I'm pretty glad we didn't choose to do something 'special' by watching Phobia. hehehe

Mulan was funny! It's not a comedy, but it's so funny! I don't mean it in a bad way, the movie is not bad, really. Although I complained about falling asleep when the actors start speaking too fast in Mandarin (having to read the subtitles fast is not fun), I laughed, laughed, laughed through so many scenes! Perhaps it's because of Shiny lah, we always share the random-est comments. Remember Vantage Point and Hairspray?

*Mulan's dad talking to her while preparing to enlist in the army*

Mulan's dad:
If one day you observed that there is one extra star in the sky, then you'll know that I've gone to meet your deceased mother.

If there is one star less leh, means what?

I think we were the only sakais laughing in the cinema lah...

Sometimes the lines can be predictable but the storyline is really interesting and there are somethings that they said that pressed on my heart. I don't remember the exact lines but it's something like that -

Once we put on the battle suit, we don't belong to ourselves anymore but the will of the nation, to fight and persevere regardless of our own opinions or desires.

Instantly, my mind went to GOD; that once we clothe ourselves with Jesus Christ, we don't belong to ourselves anymore but the will of our GOD. Day after day, I constantly remind myself that it is not about me, it is about Him and His great plan of salvation. We are the soldiers of Christ and the fact is - It is all about others. We are servants of His Kingdom; and a servant is without a personal agenda. On this worldly battleground, we need to pray to do the will of our Father every single day; to be sensitive to His whispers and gentle nudges.

I've finally bought my flight tickets; I'll be leaving on the 26th of December 1230am. It's basically like Cinderella, attending some Christmas ball then when the clock strikes 12 gotta run to the airport dropping her contacts while running (because we don't use glass slippers). If you ask if I'm excited or afraid to leave, I'll tell you I'm afraid of clicking the 'confirm booking' button itself. I get really emo sometimes late at night but talking to Him helps a great deal. I've come to truly believe that with GOD inside of me, I'm gonna be alright.

So every night before going to sleep I empty myself before Christ of my thoughts, desires, convictions and thanksgiving for the day. And every morning I wake up rebuking all worldly worries and nagging burdens, and take on Christ - His Will, His Love, His Grace. He's on my mind constantly as I go through my day.

Is this addiction?

Ask me personally and I'll tell you (:

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