Friday, January 01, 2010

Entering the New Year at Times Square

So, I did it.
I stood in the freezing cold for 10 hours with various body parts of mine trapped between various people.
Come next year, let's go back to watching CNN with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin lah...

I think I finally understand why the people on television look so happy after the countdown, because they have been waiting for 10 hours for that and they finally get to go home! In the freezing cold! In rain/snow! In need of the bathroom! After the party is over, there is not only all kind of garbage lying around but also many bottles of 'unidentified yellowish liquid' in them. Ew.

I entered 2010 with an incredibly heavy heart; I couldn't go crazy jumping around shouting happy new year to random people. Just so many things on my mind. The colder I feel, the more I think of the homeless people around New York City who are not only without homes but without coats. I can't imagine how they feel. I'm with 5 layers and it's TORTURE when the wind blows right through you.

They were playing 'I Gotta Feeling' by BEP. And as they play, these headlines on CNN just grips my heart.

We have all fallen short of the glory of GOD; the crown of His creations sinning against each other and being sinned against. People just thinking of living it up for the day - drink, get drunk, get laid, just satisfy and gratify whatever YOU want first. It's just horribly sad the way we live.

I let go for a moment, told myself to just let go and party for a while.
But, really?
Can you party with such lyrics and headlines flashing through?

Tonight's the night, let's live it up.

Two killed, four injured in Detroit fire.

I got my money, let's spend it up.

2 killed in Afghanistan.

Go out and smash it, like oh my god.

Americans less hopeful about future.

Jump off that sofa, let's get get up.

Deadliest's year in Mexico's war on drugs.

Lord Father, I'm not sure what I can do to help share your burden but Lord I'm willing to be use by you. I pray to do Your will only and Your good works where You've planted me in. Fill our streets, our cities, our nations Holy Spirit; we are in deep need of Your guidance and compassion. Do not let us pursue short-lived happiness, but grant us Your joy - a feeling that is beyond all circumstances.

Eric Lee Chan Yu once gave me an analogy of the difference between happiness and joy - happiness is like a puddle; once you step on it, it's gone. But joy is like a big lake, even if a big truck comes, the truck is just gonna sink into the depths of the lake.

I'm not saying that if only people received GOD all will be good with their lives. I'm not saying if a person suffering from poverty receives Jesus, he will turn into a millionaire the next day. GOD is not a fairy-godmother.

I'm saying that with Jesus comes hope, comes peace, comes love, comes joy - the big lake that will sink any gigantic lorry in your life.

He can move the mountains,
My GOD is mighty to save, He is mighty to save.


Alexis said...

The puddle-lake analogy works pretty well. Sorry sorry, you must be freezing cos the jacket is not puffy enough n not long enough on the sleeves. Remember to get the 2 shopaholics to go get something that works better. I've got an idea/project for you. See if your interested, let u know when ur actually in the land of corn fields. Enjoy the rest of nyc days!

DANA! said...

Interesting post, Jessica Loke. Made me realize that my problems are so puny compared to the bigger issues out there.