Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh! Sociology!

This is one of the hardest class I'm tackling right now - Women in Contemporary Society.

I'm not complaining about the exciting loads of readings I have to do for the class; but I do find it difficult as many theories and explanations provided goes against my beliefs.

On top of that, I have not taken an Intro. to Sociology class to give me a good ground work for Sociological perspectives and terms. I'm building my house and laying its foundation at the same time, yay.

Ultimately, I can't stop laughing at some seriously idiotic statements made by some sociologists.

"Thompson (1992) argued that eating problems, rather than "disorders", is a more accurate term. It does not locate the source of the trouble in the individual, as disorder implies. Indeed, she argued that eating problems may stem from rational choices (such as the choice to become less attractive to lower the chances of being sexually victimized)."

Alexis: Is that what you're trying to do?

Me: For the gazilion time people, this is my winter storage! :D

Oh! GOD! Please................HELP!

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