Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soon And Very Soon

I gotta admit, sometimes, I am really tired.
Lord, I am tired; and these are the times I need You most.
Yet those are also the times I put so many other things before going to You.

You ask so many things of me,
it is only because You know I am able to complete them through You.
Yet, there are times when my foolish self thinks that I can very well do them without Your help.

But Lord I pray for a heart that wants more of You.
That yearns to serve You and Your people.
My soul is not satisfied.

I want to see You.
Soon and very soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mummy Loke!

My mum sent me old town coffee from Malaysia!
She is the greatest mummy on earth!
I love you! :D

This short and meaningless post is just to let you know I've not forgotten about my blog and I'll update soon enough :D
In the mean time, PRAISE THE LORD people!
Life is good in Lincoln :)

Well, if life is not good for you now PRAISE THE LORD anyways and it'll become good.
Money-back guaranteed.
But, since you don't have to pay to PRAISE THE LORD then you won't get money back.

I sure wear that dark blue shirt and black jeans a lot...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Look Into The Daily Nebraskan

"The anticipation of the iPad wasn't so much an anticipation of a great new product or service that would revolutionize our lives. It was an anticipation of something new that we could buy from Apple. When we as a people have sunk so low that the highlight of our culture is more to buy, we have lost all of our cultural autonomy.

Regardless of what you think about politics or policies, the State of the Union acts as a barometer gauging where the country could go in the future. Not that anyone would know. But hey, did you hear about the iPad?"

Daily Nebraskan Editorial Board