Monday, March 29, 2010

I Had Fun Today!

Best things in life are always free
GOD's salvation is one of them

I haven't had fun for such a long time that I didn't notice fun is SO FUN!

It was 15 degree celsius outside today! The sun was shining, so a few of us went out to play frisbee! I was suppose to be doing my paper and studying for a quiz tomorrow but I went out and play in the sun! And it was FUN! A couple of us ran barefoot on the big grassy space in front of Selleck Quad (our residence hall) and laugh ourselves silly. I was running in shorts! It was the first time since December 2009 that my legs see sunlight again! The light is just so beautiful; and this light is Jesus :)

And when I got back, I was still suppose to study but I played Monopoly with Alexis and Yume! Yume taught me how to trick other people into giving up large sums of money and eventually fail. She learns all strategies of how to play monopoly from her boyfriend who watches people play monopoly on youtube. And she fights with her boyfriend when they play monopoly together!

Me: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - community chest! Tax refund, 50 dollars for you.

Yume: *sigh* I want REAL tax refund.

Here, everything is taxed. Food is taxed. Books are taxed. Clothes are taxed. International students who worked in the US will be taxed as well.


And I won at monopoly!

And because I had so much fun today I'm still up at 4am studying and typing my paper. But it doesn't matter, because I HAD FUN TODAY!!!

Thank You, Jesus :D

And the wonder of it all
is that I'm living just to fall
more in love with You

Perfect Peace

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yume said...

Wahaha I love your pic!