Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Friends Say The Darnest Things

Yume: What sports do you guys play back in high school?

Me: Hmmmm... I think I used to play a bit of basketball.

Yume: But.. You're short.

Me: Doesn't mean I can't play!!! So what sort of sports do you play back in school?

Yume: I used to play tennis.

Me: But... You're really short too.

Yume: Ya, but I play because I wanted to wear the short skirt.

Yume is one of the funniest girl I've met here in Lincoln. She's also my Residence Assistant, means she's kinda like a mum who takes care of the people living on her floor. She has been a good mum so far, feeding us Japanese rice cakes whenever we're hungry and providing us with cans of Mountain Dew when we're thirsty. And she has appeared on The Star before too! (because Alexis' article about life in UNL got published on The Star haha)

At the dining hall...

Yume: Oh... I feel tired... I think I should take a nap.

Me: Yume, do you want to pass your accounting test, graduate and work in New York?

Yume: Oh no! I need to study!

Yume will graduate this May; she's secured a job in New York. Unfortunately, it means she's going to leave this May. Alexis also got a Residence Assistant position in Cather hall. Unfortunately, it also means that she's going to live in Cather this fall. More unfortunately, it also means I gotta start doing my own laundry. (Or I'm also considering the prospects of carrying my laundry to Cather hall, it's about 1-2 blocks away, not too bad).

Everybody's leaving this May.
No time to feel sad now, 2 exams and 1 paper due!
Have a good week people!


4thmOnth™ said...

People are leaving this May, and I'm coming this May! *smile wide big* Cheers!

Simply Jess said...

hahahaha YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Welcome to Amedika!

You are flying here in May? That's quick!