Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As the Semester is Ending...

Can't believe it's three more weeks then finals then POOF! I've spent a semester here in the United States. I no longer freak out and study for hours at the mention of an exam or quiz; nor do I take hours to complete a 5 page paper anymore. Exams, quizzes, papers, and assignments happen way too often for me to keep up with the freaking out part.

The weather is getting lovely outside, and I smile to myself when I pass by a blooming plant. Often, I stop to smell the flowers (like the pretty girls on television). Why are flowers much more pretty and fragrant here? I see the beautiful green lawn covered with half naked people trying to get a tan, and I can't help but stop and soak up the sun.

GOD is good isn't He?

He could have us live in a monotonous black and white world but He made everything so beautiful and colorful for us.

Bri being queen.
Becky being cheeky.
Me being Malaysian :)

I am reminded to be mindful of things I asked from GOD.

I asked GOD for patience;

He gave me a roommate.

I have always thought that I'm the messiest girl in the whole wide world.

But I was mistaken...

But let's not grumble. *trying very hard*

(the ramblings above were typed few weeks apart from the ones below, I am now ONE WEEK AWAY from Summer!!!!)

The American system and American culture continues to fascinate me. I noticed that American students are actually incredibly hard workers. It might be okay for them getting a B or a C (a B is 80plus and C is 70plus) but outside school, on average based on the people I know, they work between 10-15hours.

Note: I am generalizing. There are a lot of straight As American students as well.

But my point is, they work really hard. On top of completing the quizzes, unending papers and preping for exams, they work outside school and they work in school - student ministries, student government, lab and research work, varsity sports, community work.....

In contrast, Malaysian students, we are mostly focused on getting As. To be honest, the toughest class I've had only had 3 papers, 4 quizzes and 3 exams. Living in the city back in Malaysia, I barely hear any students having to work outside home to subsidize their expenses. (Or maybe I just don't have that many friends) I am just thinking, is that why we, Malaysians, always complain that we are bored?

Note: I am still generalizing here. Not all of us are this lazy right?

Luke and Alex during our Rodeo Week!

Another thing I've noted is how much liberty we have as students here. For some classes, I can decide when I am ready to take the exam and go to the testing centers to take it. My professor will usually give a time period of 3 days to take it. For other classes, I can even take those quizzes or exams on my own laptop in my own room, with my books ready for reference. But there are also many classes that still do it the old fashion way.

One time when we were having a fire drill, everyone in the dorm had to leave and gather in the yard in front.

Random girl: I'm doing my laundry!

Me: Aiyoh. I'm studying for my exam lah (old habits die hard, the lah doesn't go away).

Bai Xue (Alexis' roommate): I am actually taking my exam online!!!!!

So, there are times when our liberty does us harm... Hmmm....

From a Cognitive Psychology point of view (I'm taking this class this semester), it's better to take the exams where you were first taught the material. This is because your environment provides you the cues to encode those information into your memory, and if you were in the same environment, the same cues are available to help you recall what was learn.

Ruth Angelina from Indonesia :)
We have this Malaysians against Indonesian thing here.

If halfway through the course I decide that I'm not doing good on the course, I can withdraw from it and drop the class. If I would have realized it earlier, I can change the class to pass/no pass. Meaning it'll only show on my transcript whether I passed the class or not, not my actual grades. Of course, we have limited chances to do so. It helps us learn to be strategic! Kinda like playing Monopoly.

Speaking of Monopoly, we played Monopoly again last Saturday; challenging the queen of Monopoly on our floor - Becky.

Becky calling for help. And not getting any.

And Yume bankrupt.

That shall be the anti-climax ending we shall be ending with!

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