Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Since I'm Kinda Occupied with 4 Papers, 1 Book Report, 2 Exams and Playing Outside in the Wonderful Weather!!!

I decided to entertain you guys with another picture of Yume.
I laughed non-stop seeing this picture. Look at Yume's expression!!!

Yume is from Tokyo, Japan. Chelsey is from Hawaii. While Gabee is from Korea, wait no, I think Japan too. Wait no, Korea. I'm pretty sure.

The funny thing is though we are in America, we still tend to befriend more Asians as compared to Americans. Today at the dinner table, we have 2 Koreans, 2 Japanese, 2 Malaysians and 1 American. But that's Chelsey, she can be considered Asian too because she always bring us all kinds of Asian snacks that her mum mails to her from Hawaii (sweet mum right??).

Mummy Loke has been really sweet too; she mailed me Ipoh old town white coffee after I finished my supply in just two months in America. She even put in 2 fortune cookies she received during the Chinese New Year period. Thanks Mummy Loke :) I also have endless supplies of fortune cookies here in the dining hall when they serve Chinese food. I secretly take a few back to my room so when I get stressed out I'll take one out to eat and be entertain by its funny un-fortune-like messages.

Some says -

"You have a sensitive personality. You are aware of how people around you feel."

"You are the chosen one."

Others say -

"Help! I'm trapped in a Chinese fortune cookie factory!"

"You will live long enough to open many, many, many, many fortune cookies."

Then another day, Tutu told me her friend opened a cookie. And there is no fortune inside. Mind-blowing mystery..............hahahahaa

I had a great Good Friday and Easter Sunday weekend; it was well spent with GOD and His people. Ron and Judy had a few of us over for Easter dinner (though we ate at 1pm), and Judy roasted this HUGE 25 pounds turkey (a heavy newborn is about 9 pounds). It was so big that it gives out so much grease that the turkey caught fire in the oven. It was literally huo ji or fo kai! (For those that understand Mandarin and Cantonese) hehehe But thank GOD it wasn't burnt and we had an awesome Easter dinner (really awesome, our stomachs nearly exploded).

I'm so grateful for the people GOD placed in my life.
They are family :)
I've learn that GOD prepares us a family no matter where we'll be.
Where He is, that is where home will be.
Because no matter where we go, He will always be our Father, Abba, Daddy looking out for us from heaven.

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