Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brand New Semester

Hello people!

Ya, I know I've been missing quite a bit. My schedule got a little too tight from not listening to my advisor's advice of taking only 13 credit hours this semester with Research Methodology and Data Analysis class. I remember her saying, "Taking 13 with this class is like taking 16. So if you want to take 16 credits, it will be like taking 19 credit hours!" Of course, I decided to overestimate my abilities and take 16 anyways. Hence, I have barely time to breathe this semester.

Moral of the story: Advisors are called advisors for a reason. They give advice worth taking.

Anyways, notice I changed my blog banner? Those are two of my favorite pictures I took while I was in New York City. I am missing New York City. Missing the beautiful museums, architecture, bustling city smell and sight and those mesmerizing Times Squares lights. The picture on the left was taken in New York Public Library. The one on the right was taken during a slow walk alone through Central Park on New Year's Day 2010. It is strange to think how much memories and feelings are anchored there. I guess it is not so much the place I'm missing but the memories, feelings, company I had while I was there. I had just left Malaysia then - December 26th. It was the most surreal feeling being in New York City when I've dream of going to America since 6 years old.

Fast forward 8 months later, I'm in my second semester in UNL. Things have lost their sense of novelty but the challenges remain. I once heard this story - You know how during a marathon, we usually cheer for our participating friends at the beginning of the run and especially at the finishing line? But in fact, it is the middle when they need cheering the most because the middle have lost its sense of novelty and accumulated a sense of fatigue and tiredness of still being far away from the finishing line. Well, I'm not on a marathon right now but I can use some cheering up :)

Undeniably, God is still good and my head is above waters.

Thursday is my favorite day because class doesn't start until 2pm and there's always a House marathon on Thursdays on channel 27. Some coffee, some jazz music and some work while House is good.

Suggestions for interesting conversations anybody?