Saturday, October 16, 2010

Big Boi. Big Red. Big Boi. Big Red.

Fall is here.

As I was walking across the campus green yesterday, in an unusual carefree mood, planning out my fall break, I heard -

"Hey, want a free sunglass?"

(If you want free stuff, America is the place to be)

"Ya, sure. Thanks"

"Are you coming for the concert tonight?"

"Sorry, I can't. I have class tonight."

"Well, you can still come after class."

"Sure. Thanks."

People on campus have been talking about the concert for about 2 weeks now. I just nod along whenever someone talks to me about me. I couldn't spare time to state what the heck is a big boi concert nor be patient enough to listen about the cause the concert is supporting for (they usually have one nowadays eh?).

It wasn't until the day of the concert itself, as I was taking a detour across the campus green in front of Selleck (my home), I finally met Big Boi in the shape of a life size poster. Right! Big Boi is the guy from Outkast. I didn't pay much attention to it again until I heard they spend close to $40,000 on the concert. It didn't particularly had a cause besides trying to break the record of most people checking-in with "Foursquare" - some new social-networking app. They, as in, the students on campus, the residence house association which granted $5,000 to have the concert.

I understand that students should have fun and I shouldn't be a party pooper but isn't that a little too much money to spend on a night with Big Boi?

Credits: Lincoln Journal Star
You can see Selleck (my home) behind.
Yup, people were dancing in front of my home.

The problem with our world economy and finance is that a lot of money is not going to the right places. We are working hard for the wrong reasons. We are being busy with things we deem necessary but in fact they are really not.

In the Midwest, we have here the Malaysian Students Department that help keep track of Malaysian students in the Midwest. They provide us with funding and support if we are throwing a big campus event. We also have the Midwest games every summer which is funded by them. Should any of us choose to participate in the event, it is all expense paid to attend those events whether it is in Iowa or Minnesota. And guess where those funds come from? You are right, the Malaysian taxpayers.

We have another two of those Malaysian Students Department; one in California and another in the east side.

I'm not saying it is an absolute bad thing having them here; I understand that the welfare of students over 10,000 miles from home needs to be taken care of. But, I am stating the fact that we are given a lot of money and sometimes we misuse it without thinking where its from and why its given. We think we deserve it. Really?

Watching the game in the apartment of a real Husker fan

Yesterday we (the Huskers) lost our game against Texas. Everyone seem really upset because they were looking forward to revenge since last year but just lost so badly this time around. Additionally, this is the last year the Huskers are in the Big 12 conference; so, we are not going to match Texas for some time. I couldn't comfort people by saying, "It's okay. We can beat them next year!"

Last chance.

Orange represents Texas

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This semester, I decided to be more involved in campus organizations and decided to run for vice-president for both clubs. Well, actually only for one club; I ran for president and got the second job instead. I admit, I was incredibly ambitious. I already have a job plus 16 credit hours including PSYC 350 - made into a compulsory class for Psychology majors because if it ain't compulsory nobody would sign up for this class. It is the most hectic, assignment loaded class I've ever had since I started college in 2008. I'm doing my PSYC 350 lab homework now, at 4:20am, and I will be still doing them tomorrow, and day after tomorrow, and the following day, and so forth until finals come.

I took up the job because I want to make a change, and I want to learn. Strangely, I never have thoughts that I will deal with actual humans when I took up the job. I want to learn how to be attentive to details, how to be creative, how to efficient and effective....but instead, now I'm stuck at - how to deal with people who are incredibly different from you. People who have different cognitive processes, different working styles, different values hence different emphasis in their work. Lately, I have been incredibly uptight and frustrated when dealing with such people. I want to be humble and see things from a different perspective but I'm just too stubborn and self-righteous for now.

And I bring this frustration outside those meetings; my life has just been accumulating this sense of fatigue and frustration. I am late for my classes and I lost my motivation to learn, which was why I hunger to attend an American college in the first place. Sigh. I need a break. Winter break come quick.

It has only been 2 months since I got back to Lincoln, Nebraska. But it really does feel like 1 year has passed because so much has happened, yet so much is still waiting to be done.

At 4:33am now, it'll be back to PSYC 350 lab work.

I must be reminded that my frustrations are minor compared to anything else. There is so much that needs to be done in our world and back home in Malaysia. The world must be a much better place if each of us think less of ourselves. I'm not espousing the cheesy "think about others" and things like that, but I truly believe if we think less about ourselves and our self-importance (-a truly effective product marketing tool-) the world could be a MUCH better place.