Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Life in Nebraska, More Than Words Can Say.

Just an amazing sight.

Cowboy style.
With motorcycles. Not horses.

Thank you, God for the amazing South Dakota Trip.

Thank you for those beautiful clouds.

A package from Mummy!!!
Oldtown White Coffee and itik noodles!!!
Thank you, Mummy Loke.

A wonderful dinner with my favorite German.

Drink locally.
Think globally.

Crazy Brit hoarding all the shredded American dollars.

Someone once said, "Everything is big in America! Even the peas!" That person is right. hahahaha

A turkey burger and a cup of coffee. A delicious and fulfilling dinner.

Leaves in all shapes and colors. Beautiful little things we usually miss.

Sometimes tough love works better ;P

The wonderful trio - British accent, lame excuse and weird rock star wannabe.

Talking to Jo on msn in class :)

Don't the colors blend well together? I like fall.

There is no place like Nebraska!

My green nasi lemak. No pandan leaves here, so I used pandan essence.

Isn't fall just too pretty?

Wonderful people I met along the way :)

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