Thursday, January 20, 2011


Isn't it strange to watch another year go by?

In Malaysia, I face more or less the same weather every day. It is always about 26 degree Celsius, some days hotter than the other. And it is always 99% humidity. Here in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am reminded that time is constantly moving because of the seasons change. I arrived in Lincoln January 6th, the place looked like Siberia. Then, the ice started to melt in March. Eventually, I can finally see the green space in front of Selleck. It got hotter and hotter, and soon I could wear my flip flops again. Then in September, the days got cooler. Now back in January, it looks like Siberia again.

As I was walking back from class, warm and protected from the falling snow, I was reminded that it has been a year since I got here. Well, I spent 3 months in Malaysia but still! It is my second year here now. It doesn't feel terribly long when I think of it now but the semesters feel REALLY long. I was walking back to my room yesterday and it felt like I was walking back home. It didn't feel like a room which I am keeping all my stuff for the moment but it felt like my home now.

I haven't been praying or reading the Bible much. I have just been studying it. To intellectually inspect what the writings really mean, so to speak. It is true that a different perspective helps to read things differently. I no longer understand the same words as I used to read it. It is funny how a change of mind can cause a change of heart. And vice versa. There must be somewhere both is connected. But where...

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