Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Difficult Times

The AP Mobile alert keep going off in my phone, telling me about the 8.9 magnitude earthquakes and later after quakes, the waves of tsunami, and the multiple explosions happening in nuclear plants in Japan. At times like this, I don't know what to do. How is it that I can help besides giving money to whichever organizations I stumble upon that seem credible enough.

It is difficult to know the right thing to do; or the thing that God wants us to do. Does God really want us to bond together and petition to Him? Or just give $10 to the Red Cross and continue on with our lives. At times like these I am at a lost of God's purpose in midst of suffering.

The only answer that comes back is from Job chapter 38 and 39.
"Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?" Job 38:2

Surely I am merely human with cognitive abilities no where near the almighty. God's answer does sound a little like "I can do this because I am God". But I am sure (or hopeful) when we leave this world and see the bigger picture, we might start to understand His plans.

I'm human, doubt is inevitable.

So in finding solace, I go back to prayers.
Hoping that others who are in the midst of suffering will do the same.
Hoping that they will find comfort in knowing that a higher power is still in control of all things.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Post-Malaysian Night Sentiments

Credits: Dan Holtmeyer

I thought to myself, "do I have anything to do tonight..." because for the past month I have been having Malaysian Night rehearsals every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. It is difficult to snap back and focus solely on my homework again. Moh Yin is right; we are built as God's people to devote ourselves to a great mission - the Great Commission.

Honestly, I had too much fun putting Malaysian Night together with the team. Every rehearsal is so entertaining; I laughed so hard sometimes that my cheeks ache! It is so amazing to watch all our ideas and hard work come together in a perfect blend; producing something so.... (for the lack of a rich vocabulary) AMAZING! When everything ended, I was simply speechless. I don't understand how everything worked out so perfectly but I know for sure that it wasn't just me. I can only deduce that it was God's work.

Suzie asked me to do a post on Malaysian Night but I really don't know how to. In retrospect, everything seem so lovely and shiny; even for the times when people are muttering curses under their breath. I am not sure how outsiders see it; but for myself I can't see that it could've went any better. Things were perfect as far as I'm concern.

And I'm simply glad to have been part of it :)