Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Post-Malaysian Night Sentiments

Credits: Dan Holtmeyer

I thought to myself, "do I have anything to do tonight..." because for the past month I have been having Malaysian Night rehearsals every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. It is difficult to snap back and focus solely on my homework again. Moh Yin is right; we are built as God's people to devote ourselves to a great mission - the Great Commission.

Honestly, I had too much fun putting Malaysian Night together with the team. Every rehearsal is so entertaining; I laughed so hard sometimes that my cheeks ache! It is so amazing to watch all our ideas and hard work come together in a perfect blend; producing something so.... (for the lack of a rich vocabulary) AMAZING! When everything ended, I was simply speechless. I don't understand how everything worked out so perfectly but I know for sure that it wasn't just me. I can only deduce that it was God's work.

Suzie asked me to do a post on Malaysian Night but I really don't know how to. In retrospect, everything seem so lovely and shiny; even for the times when people are muttering curses under their breath. I am not sure how outsiders see it; but for myself I can't see that it could've went any better. Things were perfect as far as I'm concern.

And I'm simply glad to have been part of it :)

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